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How to grow Cannabis via soil potted?

How to grow Cannabis via soil potted?

At the beginning of June, buy yourself some fertilized potted soil. Although it is usually not organic, this is the easiest way. This potted soil will be the best given that plants may not adapt to certain conditions.

It must have: adequate nutrition.

If you pick up a bag with the caption "N-p-k = x%-y-Z%," then these data indicate the level of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil. The ph value is between 5.9 and 6.5. Of course, you can change it yourself.

Even the organic fertilizers you buy in the store tend to be low in ph.

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Fill a small paper cup with enough soil and fill it all the time to the edge of the cup. Make the soil moist and bury the plant seeds about a centimetre deep (1/2 "). Do this for every seed.

Put the cup in a warm (about 70°f (21°C) Sunny place. Watering the plants and keeping them warm. When your plant sprouts, keep the soil moist so that it grows until the root of the seedlings is fixed.

The entire cup will be occupied by the roots, and the shape of the cup will still be maintained when both the plant and the earth are removed from the cup.

Put the soil in a five gallon (about 18 liters) bucket and drill some small holes in the bottom of the bucket. Gently remove the seedlings from the previous container, turn the container upside down and gently shake the container when moving, and then gently move it out.

Drill a small hole in the middle of a five gallon (about 18 liters) barrel, gently insert the root of the plant into the inside, and cover the stem of the plant with the soil, covering the area about 3 cm (1 ") from the first cluster of leaves.

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Watering the plants, knowing that the water has completely permeated the soil, and that it is only watering when the soil becomes dry. Apply nitrogen fertilizer after about one months (if you need to grow vegetables, follow the instructions).

Keep plants in sunny places for at least eight hours a day and use natural insecticides if necessary.

You certainly want to plant more than one seed because it's an adventurous thing to do. If your plant starts growing small pods and eventually splits and releases pollen, then you plant a male plant that contains less marijuana content and is usually only used for cooking.

When a male plant appears, it is quickly separated from other plants (which should be female) and harvested to cook (stew the dried plant with butter is a good way to do so).

Be patient. When a handful of white "hair whiskers" appear, you will know that you have a female plant. By the time the bud is fully ripe, usually in mid-October, the hair in the bud will turn orange or reddish purple and be covered in resin.

Use a magnifying glass to observe that when their colors become amber, it means that they should be harvested.

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Cut the plant out of the root and place the plant in a warm, dry, well-ventilated area. Usually the rafters in the barn or garage are a better choice. In any case, do not have moisture, otherwise mold will grow rapidly and destroy the bud.

Hang the plants upside down and spread the newspaper below to catch the parts that might fall. Cut off all the buds. After they've all become "crisp," put them in a big plastic bag.

Place the bud in a paper bag for about a week the next day.


Make sure the buds are completely dry, store them in a wide mouth bottle or store them in a cool, dark place. This article does not condone the illegal sale, cultivation or use of cannabis unless there are effective medical conditions and permits issued by the state. This article is only used as a reference.


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