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1. Understand the law.

If you're not living in a legal growing area of marijuana or getting into the business without a doctor's medical marijuana license, you're breaking the law. Go back and check the policies of your place.

Although it is likely to be legalized in the future, many places are lagging behind. 

2. Understand the differences between the different kinds. 

Cannabis can be divided into two main types: "Han hemp" and "hashish".

The former gives a sense of pleasure, while the latter gives a traditional, heavy feeling of drunkenness. Cannabis in India tends to be shorter and more compact, while Han hemp is longer and finer.

As a result of the development of technology, if you want to combine two varieties, there are now hybridization varieties. 

3, get some seeds. 

Surprisingly, this is not a particularly difficult thing to do.

There are many companies that are "famous" and can strike deals quickly and cautiously. herbies--is located in the UK and they have more than 2500 different kinds of seeds.

They provide quality service to customers all over the world. Sensi seeds--is the oldest and most watched seed company in the world, headquartered in Amsterdam. They spent millions of of dollars on seed inventory production, while the quality of the seeds they provided was quite high.

They don't always serve the world, but you can usually buy the seeds of the brand they belong to, such as Herbies Sensi Seeds. Bonza seeds--They have deals all over the world and are free of shipping, while being able to complete tracking deliveries without the need for a signature, with a guarantee of delivery.

Very good partner! Gorilla Cannabis seeds--, a company headquartered in the UK, offers super varieties like super-high-yielding cheese seeds that have grown to an all-time high 20.94% THC level in the Jack Herer seed Greenhouse.

Gorilla seeds The company attaches great importance to communication with customers, they will in fact use the telephone to answer customers, while ensuring that different seed prices match. 

4. Select the location and method of planting. 

You can grow marijuana indoors, outdoors or with water.

It all depends on you. There are many advantages to growing marijuana indoors than growing it outdoors, such as preventing theft or avoiding the law (if you're not allowed to grow marijuana where you live).

By growing marijuana indoors, you can control the environmental conditions you want so that cannabis plants can grow healthily. Growing marijuana in the wild allows you to avoid the hassle of any nosy neighbor and avoid being caught on the spot, but it forces you to give up control of the environment: you can't control the weather, the disease, the thieves or their growth.

However, outdoor planting eliminates the room for indoor marijuana cultivation, which can save you a lot of money. Hydroponics is the term for nurturing plants (of any type) without soil. Believe it or not, in fact plants don't need soil. Although soil can obviously bring nutrients to plants, they can get these nutrients in substitutes.

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