About Us Do the best to improve your air.

Bolusi Technology Limited was founded in October 2012 located in Dongguan, China.     

We are specialized in manufacturing environmentally friendly electrical product such as Dehumidifiers, humidifiers, fans, Air purifiers, Air conditioners, smart plugs, hygrometers, thermometers etc. products.  

We have our own Research & Development department, factory, international sales departments and center of customer service.  

We offer the best price and service to our customers and look for the companies in different countries to collaborate with each other to exploit markets.  

If you are interested in our products and company,please feel free to contact us.  

Welcome to China to visit our company!    

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Quality is the responsibility of every employee

We train our staff rigorously, mindful that the ultimate goal is achieving total customer satisfaction

We are extremely sensitive to market trends and our R/D is always at the forefront of designing new products

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