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  • Digital smart timer switch plugs
  • Digital smart timer switch plugs
  • Digital smart timer switch plugs

Digital smart timer switch plugs

Name:Digital smart timer switch plugs


Digital smart timer switch plugs

Timer operation instructions

24-hour/7-day electronic timer (providing random function mode / daylight saving time mode)

Plug-in timer to control the power consumption of connected appliances

Basic characteristics:

---8 function keys

--- can set hours, minutes and weeks

--- Convertible to daylight saving time

---Random function mode

---12/24 hour conversion system

1. start up

1.1 Press the “MASTERCLEAR” button to check all systems within 6 seconds.

1.2 Press “MASTERCLEAR” with a pointed object (such as a pencil head) to eliminate all information from the last setting.

2. "Week" button on and off

After pressing the "Timer" button, enter the setting state

2.1 Press the “WEEK” button and select the week combination you want to open the connected device. The combination will be presented in the following order: MO—TU—WE—TH—FR—SA—SU—MO TU WE TH FR SA SU—MO TU WE TH FR—SA SU—MO TU WE TH FR SA—MO WE FR—TU TH SA-MO TU WE-TH RF SA-MO WE RF SU.

2.2 Press “HOUR” to set, select “0~23” or “1~12”

2.3 Press the “MINUTE” button to set, select “00~59”

2.4 In the setting state, if the button is not pressed within 20 seconds, it will return to the current time.

2.5 Make sure to press “RESET/RECALL” to cancel or reset the previous settings.

Note: Press HOUR, MINUTE or TIMER for more than 3 seconds, and each time you will jump out 4 times to set the summary page.

3. System clock function

When the timer is set

3.1 The LCD screen displays the day of the week, hours and minutes. 12-hour system will have AM and PM display

3.2 Press the “CLOCK” and “WEEK” keys at the same time to set the day of the week.

3.3 Press “CLOCK” and “HOUR” at the same time to set the hour.

3.4 Press “CLOCK” and “MINUTE” at the same time to set the minute.

3.5 Press the “CLOCK” and “TIMER” buttons at the same time to convert the 12/24 hour system.

4. Switch to daylight saving time

Easily switch to daylight saving time by following the steps below

4.1 Press “CLOCK” and “ON/AUTO/OFF” at the same time

The LCD screen will display SUMMER and the time will go to daylight saving time.

 5. Random function mode

5.1 Press the “RANDOM” button and the LCD screen will display “RANDOM” to remind the user that the random function mode has been activated. Valid from 6:00PM to 6:00AM. If you end this mode, it will automatically jump to automatic mode.

5.2 As with 5.1, press the “RANDOM” button again, the random function mode will end, and the RANDOM word will disappear.

5.3 The random function time is 1~2 hours, that is, the ON or OFF time is 60~120 minutes each time.

6. Manual operation

LCD screen display output status is as follows

AUTO: When set, it is ON or OFF.

ON: The device is always on.

OFF: The device is always off